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There are no rules in your kitchen. Your house is for you to enjoy, whatever way you wish.

IKEA logo
The international guidelines for IKEA's 2016 - 17 catalogue launch was based on the concept that there are no rules in the kitchen.
To spread awareness and create a buzz for the arrival of the new catalogue, its distribution, it's app, and its 2017 theme, which was the kitchen.
Our concept was to demonstrate the lack of rules, by crossing out certain words in sentences and replacing them with hashtags of a contradictory meaning.
Dozens of striking visuals with smart captions, as well as animations were created and promoted in Social Media, while this concept was given for adaptations in traditional media.
The Social accounts of IKEA are being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social, where all the magic happens!
Photography property of Inter IKEA.


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