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Tsakiris Chips are here!

Tsakiris Chips

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Celebrating the arrival of a new brand of potato chips!

Tsakiris Chips logo
What started as a Greek family business wenre on to become a best selling brand: Tsakiris Chips. The brand came a long way since then and today it has a huge distribution network behind it. Its arrival in the Cyprus market was to be communicated via social media.
The aim was to create awareness of the arrival of Tsakiris Chips in Cyprus and promote its range of products through social media. Also, to connect with the market via an open channel of communication and ultimately, to increase market share.

A social brand identity was created to demonstrate the Tsakiris Chips' values.
A series of creative visuals and animations promoting Tsakiris Chips range of products via Social Media channels were created. Promotional campaigns also run on a monthly basis.


Social Media Presence