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Photo Kiosks create a buzz around the new ways of digital and social media marketing.

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IMH LTD offered visitors attending the 9th Marketing Forum (Online Marketing & Digital Advertising Exhibition) the opportunity to keep in touch with an engaging registration application combining social media, photo sharing and interactive kiosks.
The campaign aimed to 1) engage visitors with the brand, 2) create a buzz around new mobile technologies with social media integration and 3) create a database of potential business clients and business leads
IMH LTD in collaboration with Summerclff, launched a Photo Kiosk promotional campaign with Facebook integration during the 9th Marketing Forum held at the Hilton Park Hotel.
The use of Summercliff's Photo Kiosk with Facebook Integration was befitting of the occasion since the forum focused on digital media advertising and social media marketing. This was a unique way to engage with delegate members and attendees. Visitors were able to interact with the IMH Facebook page and share their experience by snapping their photo via a camera embedded in the kiosk. Visitors’ photo was then posted on their timeline and on IMH’s Facebook page.
The campaign was a success as it allowed visitors to engage with the brand while IMH was able to gain more exposure for the Forum in the new social media arena.